Recruitment is Now Open!

We are looking for you!
As a recruit of Productive Creations, you will be backed up by the good people in the corporation (and alliance) with extensive knowledge about most things concerning EVE-Online. We normally don't get random applications and we also do not accept people that just apply to us, but rather we will invite you if you are a person with the mindset that we are looking for.

If you are interested you should contact us in game and we'll team up for some action and get to know each other. For more information please contact Tealem in game or fill out the contact us form.  Please read the Our Vision section to get an idea of what we're about before you apply.

Start-up Packages

Upon joining us at Productive Creations you will have the benefit of choosing one of the start-up packages listed below:
** All packs include cash to cover the total value of a selected pack to around 25 million ISK.

Package 1

  • One Cruiser of choice fitted with meta level 3 equipment of choice.
  • One Retriever (mining barge) with strip miner I's.

Package 2

  • One Battlecruiser of choice.

Package 3

Eve Online Exotic Dancer
  • Exotic dancers to last a lifetime.