Vision Statement

Productive Creations will provide benefits to all its members, while keeping costs for the members low, both in time consumed and funds paid. This means that you will have a low tax rate, no obligations to contribute more then you want to, and that you can get all the benefits of teaming up with corporation and alliance members to take advantage of each other's skills.

The downside to this is that the corporations economy will be limited, and additional ship insurance/replacements and other cost intensive options are not available. Less cost intensive options such as free ammo, drones, ship borrowing and more are still available, and the options will grow as our corporate cash flow increases.

All operations are voluntary and for personal (not corporate) gain, unless a corporation event is announced, in which case the materials and/or funds will be used for the benefit of all full members.

Economy and corporate assets are viewable by all members. This corporation is striving for a flat organization, which means the members should be more like Co-owners then just a designated title with extremely limited rights. The risk for getting robbed/sabotaged is limited by still keeping certain levels of integrity, but everything is kept open for view by all.

A stance against piracy is taken, and operations against such behavior might be taken by any member at their own discretion.

Our Goals

Low costs for the corporation and its members
  • Maximum of 1% tax rate.
  • Low upkeep for corporation facilities.
  • Cheap offices, only as many offices as needed.
  • Other facilities such as POS's are to be self-sufficient.

Voluntary operations
  • All operations are voluntary.
  • Activities are for personal gain, unless a corp activity is specified.
  • In case of a corp activity, all gains will go into the corporation for the benefit of all its members.

Corporate possessions
  • Ships in the corporation's "General hangar" can be borrowed by all (full) members, unless it has a personal tag. I.E. Herr Smelly's Retriever would not be up for borrowing, unless in this case Herr Smelly says otherwise. (fictional name only)
  • Expendable items can freely be used from the corporation, if in stock. This includes among other things ammunition, drones and cap boosters.
  • Corporate materials (Ore and minerals among other things) can only be converted into things owned in full by the corporation.

Ship insurance
  • Not supported due to the corporations limited budget.

Our Typical Operations

Mining Ops
  • Between 10 - 45% Yield bonus when mining with Corporation Members. (Skill bonus + possible Orca support)
  • You get what you mine. (listed from the loot log if using corporation transportation as listed below)
  • Often delivery from belt to station so you can mine with no transportation delays.
  • 100% Refine avalible for free at our HQ in Autaris. (All ore types)

PVE - Mission Running
  • You can always join the missions that are being run.
  • If you join harder missions then you can handle, you can always be there for faction standings, loot, and salvage!

  • Taking orders for corp-manufacturing.
  • Building ships for corp usage (borrowing)
  • Keep ammo and expendable items in stock at corp HQ (when possible)
  • Keep materials, minerals and ore in stock (when possible)

Wormhole Space & Exploration
  • We are now building installations in W-Space.
  • Exploring W-space for fun and profit.
  • Specialists at stealth and scanning.